PAT Testing Stickers and Labels
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PAT Testing Stickers

PAT testing stickers are a common sight on office equipment throughout the UK.

Employers, landlords, public bodies and companies all have a duty of care under The Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure their electrical equipment is safe to operate.

The frequency an item is tested can vary according the its usage and the environment it is operated in. Standard office equipment will typically be tested every 12 months.

An appliance that has passed its portable appliance test will have a sticker fixed to the plug or on the device itself. PAT testing 'pass' stickers are usually green in colour and will look similar to the example below.

PAT Testing Sticker : PASS

The sticker should indicate when the test was carried out and when the appliance is due for a re-test.

If you find an appliance with an out-of-date PAT testing sticker, it would be advisable to bring it to the attention of you employer, landlord or company responsible.

Shown below is an example of a 'FAIL' PAT Testing Sticker.

PAT Testing Sticker : FAIL

Under no circumstances should you try to operate an appliance with a 'FAIL' PAT testing sticker.

The appliance may have the mains cable looped and secured in such a way that will physically prevent the appliance from being plugged in to a mains outlet.

If you need to arrange for the PAT testing of your electrical equipment, check out the UK-PAT directory of PAT Testers and find a tester in your area.


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